Yi-Jian Ngo, longtime leader of Alliance of Angels in Seattle, steps down.

Yi-Jian Ngo, a prominent figure in the Seattle startup scene, has announced his decision to step down from his leadership position at the Alliance of Angels to prioritize his family. During his tenure, Ngo played a crucial role in the organization’s growth, expanding its membership from 60 to 180 individuals. As Ngo exits, Maren Nelson, a board member at AoA, will take on the role of interim executive director.

Established in 1998 as part of the Technology Alliance and later becoming independent in 2012, the Alliance of Angels has flourished under Ngo’s guidance. The organization now invests between to million annually in startups, reviewing over 150 deals each year. These investments primarily benefit tech startups in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, totaling over 5 million in funding for 250-plus companies, including successful exits such as DocuSign and Elemental Technologies.

In the wake of Ngo’s departure, AoA is actively raising its third annual “Innovation Fund,” a structured investment vehicle launched in 2022. The previous two funds raised .3 million and .9 million, respectively, enabling targeted investments in high-potential startups poised for significant growth and success. AoA remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting and investing in innovative startups locally and globally.

While Ngo’s exit marks the end of an era for AoA, his leadership has been integral to the organization’s progress. With Maren Nelson assuming the interim executive director role, AoA is in capable hands to continue its mission of backing pioneering startups. The impact of AoA’s investments, surpassing 5 million across 250 companies, underscores their ability to identify and nurture high-potential ventures for success in the startup landscape.

Despite Ngo’s departure, the Alliance of Angels remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering innovation and investment. With Maren Nelson at the helm and a track record of successful investment efforts, AoA is well-positioned to uphold its mission. Ngo’s legacy within the organization will endure, leaving a lasting imprint on the Seattle startup community for years to come.