Traveling in Japan without cash: Is it possible to use only TNG eWallet for expenses?

Travelers heading to Japan soon may be wondering about the cashless payment options available in the country. A recent exploration into the world of cross-border eWallet payments brought us to Japan to test the efficiency of using the Touch ‘n Go eWallet (TNG eWallet) for shopping and transactions. We also compared foreign exchange rates for various cashless payment methods during our brief visit.

Despite its reputation for tradition, Japan has been expanding its cashless payment network. The TNG eWallet, in partnership with Alipay+, is now accepted by over 2 million merchants across Japan, including major retail and convenience store chains. The integration of TNG eWallet with Japan’s PayPay QR network has further broadened its reach for QR payments.

When it comes to using TNG eWallet in Japan, most retailers scan the customer’s QR code for payment. With the TNG eWallet, simply inform the cashier that you are using Alipay+ and they will scan your QR code. Some outlets may require you to display the QR to a terminal equipped with a camera for scanning.

Travelers using the TNG eWallet abroad will find that the app automatically displays the Alipay+ QR code upon tapping “Pay”, along with the current indicative exchange rates for the respective country. For smaller merchants in Japan, look out for the PayPay QR sign and scan it using the TNG eWallet app to complete the cross-border transaction seamlessly.

For those encountering shops that do not accept Alipay+ or PayPay QR payments, options such as the TNG eWallet Visa Prepaid card can be used. Alternatively, competitive rates for cross-border payments are offered by cards like Wise, Bigpay, and GXcard, which provide real-time exchange rates for transparency.

While cashless acceptance in Japan is growing, there are still shops that operate on a cash-only basis. Keeping some cash on hand can come in handy for such scenarios, especially for places like vending machine-operated Ramen shops.

For the best payment rates in Japan, it was found that TNG Visa often offered superior rates compared to TNG eWallet via Alipay+. Other options like GXBank’s GX Card also provided competitive rates with 0% markup for foreign transactions.

Travelers are also advised to collect vouchers via A+ Rewards in the TNG eWallet app for additional deals and discounts while using Alipay+. Always compare foreign exchange rates for different payment providers to ensure you get the best value for your money while traveling in Japan.

Overall, cashless payment options in Japan, including the TNG eWallet, offer convenience and efficiency for travelers, but it is important to be aware of cash-only establishments and choose the payment method that provides the most favorable exchange rates for a seamless shopping experience in the Land of the Rising Sun.