TransferGo Introduces Pay by Bank Option for UK Customers, Aimed at Eliminating Barriers in Finance

TransferGo, a global fintech company providing online money transfer services to 160 countries, has teamed up with Tink, a Sweden-based payment services and open banking platform, to introduce Pay by Bank to its payment options.

Customers in the UK can now access this new offering, which allows for quicker and more secure international money transfers. Pay by Bank leverages open banking to enable users to initiate payments directly from their bank accounts with minimal data entry and redirects. This account-to-account payment method streamlines the process, offering a cost-effective and user-friendly experience by allowing users to authenticate and initiate payments in just a few clicks.

Ian Morrin, head of payments and platforms at Tink, highlighted the benefits of Pay by Bank for TransferGo customers, emphasizing its simplicity, security, speed, and cost-effectiveness in transferring money internationally. The collaboration between Tink and TransferGo aims to remove barriers for customers by offering innovative payment solutions that improve and simplify money transfers, ultimately enhancing financial services for the better.

Simon Moran, chief commercial officer at TransferGo, also expressed the company’s commitment to providing a trustworthy, secure, and efficient solution for international payments, with the partnership with Tink enabling them to create a more inclusive global financial environment.

With a focus on accessibility and innovation, TransferGo serves over seven million customers by offering simpler, faster, and more affordable international money transfer services.