This Electric Scooter Can Keep Up With a Car but Is Still Light Enough To Carry

You may think going 28 mph on an electric scooter is fast, but Apollo labels its latest ride firmly in the “casual” category.

Apollo launched its Go electric scooter that’s aimed at city commuters who still want performance but in a design that can be easily carried around. The company first teased the Apollo Go back in August, but the e-scooter is now finally available to order.

If you’re familiar with Apollo’s other electric scooters, the Go’s top speed may seem slow especially when compared to the Apollo Pro which can hit 43 mph. For those of us not interested in traffic light drag races on a scooter, the Apollo Go means a much more reasonable commute. Plus, it folds down for better portability.

A top speed of 28 mph should be plenty for most city commuters.


Still Fast for a Scooter

We’re not overlooking how powerful the Apollo Go is compared to other e-scooters, though. It still tops out at 28 mph thanks to dual 350W motors. That may not seem that impressive in a car, but going that fast on a scooter will have you gripping more than usual on the handlebars. Thankfully, you can limit the top speed to 9 mph by setting it to Eco Mode or 18 mph in Normal Mode. If you do want some adrenaline on your morning commute, Sport Mode will unleash the Apollo Go’s full potential.

Apollo says the Go will get between 18 to 30 miles of range depending on how you ride. As the name implies, Eco Mode gives you the maximum range. To eke out some more mileage, the Apollo Go has dual regenerative rear drum brakes that can get you up to 10 percent more battery. Of course, you can just juice it up normally, which takes 7.5 hours to fully recharge.

At 46 lbs, the Apollo Go should be manageable enough to carry in and out the subway or your car trunk for those last-mile jaunts. To make it even more suited for the city, the Apollo Go has 360-degree lighting from seven light sources to make sure you’re visible at night. The e-scooter even has self-healing tires that can instantly seal itself back up in case you run into any sharp debris in those rough city streets.

The Apollo Go’s display will show you speed, distance, and battery charge.


Ready to Hit the Pavement

You can already order the Apollo Go on its website, but the scooter isn’t expected to start shipping until early March. Apollo priced its latest scooter below its performance-minded models at $1,299 but dropped its current price to $1,149 for preorders.