Communities In Schools of Houston Honors Children’s Dental Health Month with Dental Care Program Expansion

As February marks National Children’s Dental Health Month, Communities In Schools of Houston (CIS), a renowned educational nonprofit, proudly showcases its Dental Care Program. This initiative, aimed at providing preventative and restorative oral health care, stands as a beacon of hope for students across six school districts and 16 Lone Star College campuses.

“Give Kids a Smile Day” and Beyond:

On February 23, CIS joins hands with UTHealth School of Dentistry (UTSD) Houston to host “Give Kids a Smile Day.” This full-day event will offer free dental services to 160 students enrolled in CIS programs. From dental screenings to nutritional counseling, these services ensure that oral health does not hinder academic success.

Moreover, CIS’s Dental Care Program extends beyond this event, with the Mobile Dental Van reaching 30 students at a time, providing comprehensive screenings and treatment plans. This mobile unit, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, exemplifies CIS’s commitment to accessible dental care.

Empowering Presentations and Sponsorship:

Dr. Ana Neumann, DDS, Ph.D., MPH, and her students from UTHealth contribute to this noble cause by conducting oral health presentations in elementary schools. These efforts, coupled with dental care kits distributed to students, foster healthy habits from an early age.

Dr. Neumann emphasizes the importance of such initiatives, stating, “Good oral health is crucial to each student’s overall wellness. Our collaboration with CIS enables us to educate and empower students, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.”

Community Support and Impact:

CIS’s Dental Care Program receives generous support from sponsors like the John P. McGovern Foundation and the John S. Dunn Foundation, enabling the organization to impact lives positively. Additionally, the program’s administration by CIS Partnership Manager Reyna Vega ensures efficient delivery of services.

While February highlights Children’s Dental Health Month, CIS believes in fostering good oral hygiene year-round. Through continuous efforts, CIS ensures that students receive the care they deserve, setting them on a path to a brighter, healthier future.

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