‘Solar Farm Construction Begins in Lawrence’

Hallmark, a well-known brand in the greeting card industry, is making strides towards sustainability with the groundbreaking of a new three-acre solar farm in Lawrence, Kansas. Teaming up with BioStar Renewables, the solar farm will consist of 1,785 solar panels located near the Lawrence Loop, a popular hike-and-bike trail in the city.

This project is part of Hallmark’s longstanding commitment to caring for the planet through sustainable business practices. The company aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and transition its global facilities to renewable electricity sources like solar and wind power by 2030. Hallmark is also working with its suppliers to encourage the transition to renewable electricity.

In addition to the solar farm, Hallmark has planted a pollinator garden near the trail, which has been certified as a Monarch Waystation. The company plans to install educational signs along the Lawrence Loop to raise awareness about solar energy and its benefits to the community.

Sara Beth Burton, the chief operating officer at Hallmark, expressed her excitement about the solar farm, highlighting how it symbolizes the company’s commitment to renewable energy. The proximity of the solar farm to Hallmark’s Lawrence Production Center, where millions of greeting cards are produced, serves as a physical representation of the company’s dedication to caring for both people and the planet.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the solar farm concluded with celebratory ice cream served in compostable bowls and cutlery, emphasizing the message of sustainability. Hallmark plans to complete the solar farm project by the fall of 2024, further solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable practices within the industry.