New Addition to SpaceX Website: ‘Human Spaceflight’ Section

SpaceX, the brainchild of billionaire Elon Musk, has introduced new offerings for human spaceflight on its website. The company’s webpage now features a “Human Spaceflight” tab where interested customers can book missions to Earth orbit, the International Space Station (ISS), lunar orbit, and Mars. Although pricing details are not available, customers are directed to inquire via email at

The missions are set to begin this year, starting with flights to Earth orbit. SpaceX plans to offer Earth orbit missions providing passengers with a view of the planet from 300 kilometers up. These missions, accommodating two to four passengers, will last three to six days and offer 360-degree views.

In addition to passenger flights, SpaceX is seeking research proposals for in-orbit research opportunities. Two categories of research are mentioned on the website: fitness-focused and exploration-focused research. The latter focuses on developing medical capabilities for long-duration missions, such as those to Mars. Mental and physical health, as well as virtual or augmented reality, are listed as areas of research interest.

Furthermore, SpaceX is promoting future missions to the ISS, lunar orbit, and Mars, with commercial missions to the ISS available as early as 2025. For all missions, passengers will wear customized 3D-printed helmets equipped with communication microphones and pressure system valves.

The Dragon capsule, already in use by NASA, and the Starship upper stage form the vehicles listed under the Human Spaceflight tab. While Starship is part of SpaceX’s ambitious plans for lunar and Martian missions, including human colonies, it has faced challenges with its uncrewed orbital test flights in the past.

The addition of human spaceflight options to SpaceX’s website indicates the company’s commitment to advancing space exploration. While SpaceX faces competition from other companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic in the realm of cosmic tourism, SpaceX’s grand ambitions set it apart. Musk envisions establishing human colonies on the moon and other planets, but first, the company must demonstrate the safety of its crewed missions around Earth.

Overall, SpaceX’s new offerings for human spaceflight showcase the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and tourism. With plans for missions to various destinations, SpaceX is paving the way for a new era of commercial space travel.