Semarchy Launches Acceleration Toolkit to Simplify and Speed Time-to-Value

Semarchy announced the launch
of its Acceleration Toolkit. This toolkit helps organizations build the
business case for MDM, increases adoption and confidence, and accelerates

Semarchy is committed to going above and beyond to ensure customer
success, and the Acceleration Toolkit underscores Semarchy’s commitment to
making MDM implementation straightforward for organizations of all sizes. A key
example is the company’s ability to implement a pilot MDM project in just 30

Leveraging their unparalleled expertise in MDM implementation, the
Semarchy team works closely with customers to rapidly build a tailored proof of
concept featuring the client’s own data and use cases. In just one month,
clients can experience the capabilities of Semarchy’s solution firsthand and
see the value it will bring to their organization. This dedication to
delivering quick time-to-value is just one of the many ways Semarchy goes the
extra mile to serve its customers.

The toolkit includes:

  • Rapid MDM Business Case: Helps clients build an ROI assessment to justify MDM investment. Provides research-backed models to showcase 3-year costs and benefits.
  • Accelerator Models: Out-of-the-box data models and use cases to demonstrate MDM capabilities for specific industries and use cases to accelerate application development.
  • Accelerate MDM: Delivers a minimally viable MDM application built on client data and requirements in just two weeks to prove capabilities and value.
  • Accelerate AI: Educational assets allow clients to explore Semarchy’s AI/ML roadmap and integrate capabilities like GPT-3.
  • Rapid Delivery Blueprint: Step-by-step guide to quickly deploy MDM based on Semarchy’s proven best practices and methodology.

“With this toolkit, we are providing organizations everything
they need to successfully build the case for MDM, see use cases tailored to
their industry, prove out capabilities with their own data and rapidly deploy
MDM,” said Brett Hansen, CGO at Semarchy. “We want to simplify MDM
adoption and ensure customers see value quickly.”

In a market where technology parity is common, Semarchy’s
customer-focused approach gives the company a clear competitive advantage.
Semarchy’s dedicated customer success organization has over 20 seasoned
experts, providing support throughout the implementation and ongoing
optimization of customer data initiatives. Implementation support includes
the  Expert Service Review program, which scopes projects and, in 2023
achieved a 100% on-time implementation rate. Semarchy also provides continual
MDM optimization through customized Success Plans with detailed goals and
project roadmaps, completing 184 expansion projects in 2023. 

As of 1 Feb. 2024, Semarchy has an Overall Rating of 4.7 out of 5
for Master Data Management Solutions market, based on 175 unique reviews on Gartner
Peer Insights. 

“The support received from the Semarchy team during our
implementation has been superior to any other IT software support experience in
my professional career,” said one Semarchy