Adaptiva Accelerates Precision Patching with Launch of Risk-Based Prioritization for OneSite Patch

Adaptiva announced the deployment
of its new risk-based prioritization capability for OneSite Patch. The
automated risk-based prioritization feature enables IT professionals to
prioritize and patch vulnerabilities based on criticality and risk severity –
and can do so with unmatched speed, precision, and control at scale. This
allows IT and security operations teams to use automation to rapidly patch
their most urgent threats while deferring lower-risk vulnerabilities for
further evaluation.

prioritization debuts as the volume and associated costs of exploited
vulnerabilities dramatically escalate. Malicious actors are getting faster and
more sophisticated with their attacks by leveraging generative AI. IT teams
must equally match their pace with vulnerability management, however, manual
patching processes slow down the velocity of remediation, thereby leaving
organizations open to threats.

keep their environments safe, organizations need the ability to quickly patch
urgent threats, while thoughtfully evaluating the rest for accelerated
remediation. Unfortunately, this calibrated response to vulnerabilities is well
beyond human capabilities,” said Adaptiva CEO and founder Dr.
Deepak Kumar. “We designed OneSite Patch with completely automated
risk-based prioritization. Using automation powered by threat intelligence, IT
teams can deliver precise and nuanced responses to vulnerabilities, resulting
in elimination of their most exploitable attack surfaces with minimum delay and
without business disruption.”

to recent research, the global
average cost of a data breach rose to a record high of $4.45 million last year
– an alarming 15% increase over the previous three years. For the many
companies unable to patch and address vulnerabilities when they are identified,
there are serious financial consequences – often in the hundreds of millions of
dollars for large breaches such as those occurring at MGM and Clorox last year.

other vendors in the space that require administrators to manually enable
deployments based on patch availability, Adaptiva focuses on criticality to
ensure that the vulnerabilities most likely to be exploited are fixed according
to the risk priorities and business rules of the organization. Precision-based
patching shores up systems with the speed today’s security environment demands.

Precision Patching With Controlled Speed

Patch with risk-based prioritization is the only solution that allows
administrators to patch at different speeds, determined by the actual risk and
exposure associated with each vulnerability. Risk-based prioritization ensures
that if a vulnerability has already been exploited, or carries the highest risk
of future exploitation, the patch can be deployed immediately, whereas less
risky vulnerabilities can be delayed for evaluation and their remediation
scheduled for an appropriate time.

other patch solutions which don’t allow granular levels of patching controls,
OneSite Patch with risk-based prioritization aligns with the organization’s
unique business rules, giving administrators control over patch deployment
speed with the ability to pause, restart, and cancel as needed. OneSite’s
patching strategies allow organizations to define their patch deployment based
on a variety of different factors, including not only criticality rating but
also factors like business sectors, location, device type, and more.

was built on the idea that humans should have the power to set up the
strategies, rules, and processes that are important for their business, and
software should do the rest,” added Kumar. “The same holds true for OneSite
Patch with risk-based prioritization. Administrators remain in control while
the software performs precision patching with impeccable speed to deliver an
entirely new level of protection against data breaches.”

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