Sacramento Branch Closing Due to Increase in Online Banking Usage

A Bank of America branch located in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood is set to close later this year due to the increasing trend of customers opting for online banking services. The Bank of America financial center at 1515 Broadway will officially shut its doors on September 10, as stated on the bank’s website.

Colleen Haggerty, Bank of America’s senior vice president of global marketing and corporate affairs, explained that the decision to close this particular branch was based on the widespread adoption of digital self-service banking. The bank regularly evaluates its retail branches and consolidates locations with multiple branches nearby and low in-store transactions. In this case, the 1515 Broadway financial center had low foot traffic and three other Bank of America financial centers within a two-mile radius.

Customers who frequent the Broadway location or have bank accounts opened there have been notified of the closure, as seen in a notice posted on Reddit. Bank of America assured these customers that their accounts will remain unaffected and specialists are available to offer guidance if needed. The branch advised customers to call 877-218-8262 to schedule appointments for closing safe deposit boxes.

Haggerty mentioned that there are a total of 44 Bank of America financial centers in the Sacramento area. The bank has also been investing in renovating and modernizing all its centers to align with the changing preferences of clients.

As more customers shift towards online banking, the closure of physical branches reflects the evolving landscape of the banking industry. Clients are encouraged to reach out to Bank of America for any assistance or information regarding the closure of the Land Park neighborhood branch.