‘Increased Productivity in 2024 Linked to AI and Collaboration Tools, with Majority of Businesses Seeing Benefits’

Artificial intelligence (AI) and collaboration tools are increasingly being integrated into workplaces, not just as a luxury but as a necessity to boost productivity. A recent survey by Tech.co in 2024 revealed that businesses utilizing AI tools have seen a 72% increase in high productivity levels.

The study, which involved over 1,000 business leaders, emphasized the importance of digital tools in enhancing workplace productivity. Specifically, the report indicated that 80% of businesses using seven or more collaboration tools reported high productivity rates, showcasing the benefits of multiple tools in driving efficiency.

According to Tech.co, the more integrated and versatile the tools are, the better the performance outcomes. Communication technology also played a significant role, with 46% of business leaders predicting its profound impact on company performance in 2024.

Interestingly, businesses that used a single communication tool reported lower organizational productivity, highlighting the importance of employing a variety of communication technologies. The survey also revealed that the type of communication tools used did not significantly affect the decision to implement remote work arrangements, as the benefits were consistent across fully remote, hybrid, and in-person office settings.

Overall, 56% of businesses reported high productivity in 2024, with 40% reporting “high” productivity and 16% “very high.” The data underscores a growing trend towards technologically integrated workplaces, where investments in AI and digital collaboration tools are not just trends but essential components for driving productivity across different work environments.