Rivian Debuts All-New, All-Electric R2 SUV & R3 Crossover

Founded in 2009, Rivian Automotive was an early player in the electric vehicle space, debuting one of the first all-electric SUV and pickup models in the form of the R1S and R1T — both of which first broke cover in 2017 before starting deliveries almost half-a-decade-later in 2021. And after the immense success of its inaugural RVs, the fledgling firm has now pulled the cover off of its next all-electric automotive offerings with the all-new Rivian R2 and Rivian R3.

Rivian R2

2025 Rivian R2 and R3 01
Photo: Rivian Automotive, Inc.

Offering seating for five plus a ton of storage space for gear, the Rivian R2 is a new mid-sized fully-electric SUV that represents a markedly more affordable vehicle than Rivian’s current R1S and R1T models, which start from around $70,000 — and can go into six-figure territory depending on trim level and options. The R2 will be available with three different powertrain options; a single motor rear-wheel drive version; a dual-motor all-wheel drive spec, and a tri-motor configuration — the latter of which is able to deliver 0-60mph runs in three seconds flat.

2025 Rivian R2 and R3 02
Photo: Rivian Automotive, Inc.

Utilizing an all-new 4695 cell, the forthcoming EV’s battery offers an estimated range of 300 miles per charge. What’s more, the battery pack is also compatible with both NACS and CCS charging, plus can receive a  10% to 80% charge in less than half an hour. Interestingly, the battery of the electric SUV also acts a a stressed structural member, helping to cut down on weight — an area that’s long been an issue with electric vehicles thanks to their heavy batteries. Like most other modern-day electric vehicles, the R2 is loaded with cutting-edge tech. The mid-sized SUV features a new perception stack comprised of 11 camera and five radars all sending real-tie information to a cutting-edge computer and algorithm. Autonomous driving capabilities will also be present — just like on the current R1S and R1T models. Expected to be priced at around the $45,000 mark — not unlike Tesla’s Model Y — the forthcoming Rivian R2 is slated for a release in the first half of 2026.

Rivian R3 & R3X

2025 Rivian R2 and R3 03
Photo: Rivian Automotive, Inc.

In addition to the long-awaited R2, Rivian has also surprised the motoring public with the supplementary debut of yet another new model — Rivian’s third-ever release — appropriately dubbed the R3. Sharing the R2’s same 300-mile targeted range and 3-second 0-60mph time, the R3 is a compact crossover SUV that maintains Rivian’s signature design language, with a sleek overall aesthetic and the brand’s trademark oval LED headlight arrangement. On top of the regular R3, Rivian has also announced a forthcoming R3X, which is a lifted rally-inspired variant of the California company’s third model.

2025 Rivian R2 and R3 04
Photo: Rivian Automotive, Inc.

Just like existing Rivian models, we anticipate the R3 — and R2 — to be available with a huge range of options and lifestyle accessories such as crash protection, board, kayak, and bike racks, camp kitchens, and rooftop tents. Other info on specs and features is still fairly scant, though we anticipate updates to trickle out over the coming years. The Rivian R3 is said to be priced at less than the R2, with an MSRP that’s likely comparable to that of the Tesla Model 3. Thus far, the company hasn’t announced any specifics regarding the R3’s release date, though interested parties can sign up to receive updates on the Rivian site.