PepsiCo’s Seth Cohen to Join P&G as Global CIO Following Vittorio Cretella’s Retirement

seth cohen PG

Seth Cohen will join P&G in April

Procter & Gamble has named PepsiCo’s Seth Cohen its new global CIO as Vittorio Cretella announces his retirement. 

Cohen is set to join the company in April before taking up the CIO role officially in June. According to Cretella’s LinkedIn post there will be a transition period, during which Cohen and Cretella will work together to help Cohen learn the ropes and meet the team. 

“Between now and then, I look forward to onboarding him to P&G, including meeting the IT team and getting fully grounded in the digital transformation strategy that has been delivering growth, value, and superior consumer experiences,” Cretella shared.

Cretella joined P&G in 2020 after 26 years at Mars, including 14 years in CTO and global CIO roles. Under Cretella’s leadership, the company has undergone a massive, multilayered digital transformation, including increased supply chain automation, overhauling its data strategy, cloud migrations, and leveraging predictive algorithms and analytics to optimize manufacturing processes

Cretella has also been instrumental in stewarding the consumer goods company through a range of use cases involving artificial intelligence. Cretella recently shared details about the company’s focus on becoming an “AI-first” business, including developing a machine learning platform – named the AI factory – that was being leveraged across the majority of its global business.  

Cretella is also a valued and involved member of the CGT community, both as part of the League of Leaders group and as a speaker at events, including the Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit in 2017.  

Cohen spent almost 16 years at PepsiCo in a variety of roles, before taking up the role of global group CIO for Reckitt from 2017 to 2019. Cohen then returned to PepsiCo as the company’s global CIO – a role he has held for the last five years. 

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 Announcing his retirement on LinkedIn, Cretella said, “My time at P&G has truly been the pinnacle of my career. It has been a fantastic and fulfilling experience. At the same time, I’m greatly looking forward to my next chapter, which includes first and foremost giving time back to my family and to myself.  I am glad to introduce my successor Seth Cohen, former CIO at PepsiCo and Reckitt Benckiser Group.”