‘New Travel Insurance Launched Through Partnership’

Qover, an insurtech company, has teamed up with bunq, Europe’s second-largest neobank, to provide global travel insurance to bunq users in seven markets. This travel insurance is now included in bunq’s premium plans, launching in a record time of just six weeks. The partnership between Qover and bunq focuses on data transparency and a seamless user experience, incorporating features like quick claims processing and easy access to travel certificates within the bunq app. The primary goal of this collaboration is to offer bunq users peace of mind while traveling, with the support of AI-powered customer care and a comprehensive claims data dashboard.

Qover’s proficiency in embedded insurance enabled them to seamlessly integrate their services with bunq, introducing features such as a fast claims process and readily available travel certificates within the bunq app. This integration enhances the user experience by simplifying travel insurance claims and providing essential documents conveniently accessible through the app.

Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-Founder of Qover, emphasized the cooperative spirit that underpins this successful partnership. He stated, “Together with bunq, we focused on delivering an exceptional user experience for Eva, bunq’s model user. This dedication goes beyond the insurance product itself, encompassing top-notch AI-powered customer care and a streamlined claims process.”

One crucial aspect of this partnership is embedded insurance orchestration, available on bunq’s Easy Bank Pro XL plan. Qover’s detailed claims data dashboard, which identifies common reasons for claim rejections, empowers bunq users to easily make claims when necessary.

Embedded insurance integrates insurance products and services directly into a company’s existing offerings or platforms, making insurance seamlessly accessible as part of the customer experience. This approach simplifies the insurance process, enhances user convenience, and often offers tailored coverage options relevant to specific purchases or activities.

The integration of travel insurance into bunq’s digital banking platform through embedded insurance will further enhance the Qover-bunq partnership. This integration ensures that users can access insurance without leaving the app, providing a smoother and more convenient experience. Key benefits include convenience, speed, and an improved user experience.

Ali Niknam, Founder and CEO of bunq, expressed, “We’re making travel insurance effortless together. It’s exactly the peace of mind we want our users to have, whether they spend, save, or travel with bunq.” Qover has made substantial investments in enhancing its customer support and claims capabilities through automation and AI-powered processes, which will enhance the support provided to bunq’s users, ensuring a seamless user experience throughout their travel journey.