New 4K Video Monitoring System for Filmmakers: Pyro S Wireless by Hollyland

Hollyland Technology is proud to unveil the Pyro series, a cutting-edge wireless video transmission system designed to revolutionize image monitoring for small to medium-sized commercial and television production teams. The Pyro range includes Pyro H, Pyro S, and Pyro 7, offering innovative solutions for multi-person mobile wireless image transmission.

The Pyro system stands out for its flexibility and professionalism, with one transmitter supporting up to four receivers. Hollyland’s proprietary 2.4GHz and 5GHz Auto Dual-band frequency Hopping (ADH) wireless technology ensures enhanced anti-interference capabilities, reduced lag, and improved range. This advanced technology enables Pyro S to deliver exceptional wireless video quality to four independent monitors over long distances, meeting the demands of professional filmmakers and video creators.

Users can optimize video monitoring performance by selecting between Smooth mode and HD mode, depending on their shooting scenario preferences. The Pyro series supports HDMI and SDI Input/Output, Loopout functionality, and features a lightweight aerospace-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy shell for portability and durability. The Pyro S, launching globally on May 22nd, 2024, will be available through local distributors and Hollyland’s Amazon store at competitive prices.

With features like USB Video Class (UVC) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), the Pyro series ensures improved device connectivity, compatibility, and streaming capabilities. To learn more about the Pyro series and its specifications, visit the Hollyland Website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Upgrade your video transmission experience with the innovative Pyro series from Hollyland Technology.