New Catalyst Program Initiated with 20 Million STRK Tokens for High-Performing Projects

Starknet Foundation Launches Catalyst Program to Boost Ethereum Scaling Solutions

The Starknet Foundation has introduced its new Catalyst program, which aims to distribute 20 million STRK tokens to 21 leading projects within its ecosystem. This initiative is part of Starknet’s commitment to innovation, utilizing ZK-STARK technology to create secure and scalable solutions for Ethereum Layer 2 scaling.

The Starknet Catalyst Program is designed to promote innovation in Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, all of which leverage zero-knowledge rollup technology. The funding is divided into advanced and emerging segments, targeting a range of projects. The selection of projects to receive funding is based on various factors evaluated by the Starknet Foundation and third-party evaluators, with a focus on enhancing the user experience through new features and interfaces that enhance on-chain dApp experiences.

Among the standout projects competing for funding are Ekubo, a token launch platform; AVNU, a gas-free DeFi protocol; Influence, an on-chain strategy game; Realms, an on-chain gaming world; Nostra, a crypto super app DeFi protocol; and ZKX, a decentralized perpetual futures exchange.

This announcement comes on the heels of the Seed Grants Program, which supports early-stage applications. With the addition of the Catalyst Program and an upcoming program for established developers, Starknet Foundation aims to provide comprehensive support for developers at all stages of maturity.

In the coming months, Starknet plans to launch a user-centric program as a follow-up to its initial Provisions program. Known for its scalability, security, and low transaction costs, Starknet has become a preferred environment for innovative projects.

The Catalyst Program is a testament to Starknet’s dedication to fostering innovation and providing support for applications from infancy to self-sustainability. With ZK-STARK technology, Starknet offers a robust, scalable, and secure platform that delivers a seamless experience for developers and users, solidifying its position as a top choice for building advanced technological solutions.