‘Join the upcoming AI Summit at Mayo Clinic’

Mayo Clinic is set to host the 2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit on July 8-9 in Rochester and virtually. The summit, titled “Generative Multimodal AI — Potentials and Challenges,” will bring together AI experts and the healthcare community to discuss the latest advancements in large multimodal models and their applications in healthcare.

Dr. Cui Tao, Chair of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics at Mayo Clinic, emphasized the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment development. The summit presents a unique opportunity to explore the vast potential of AI in healthcare while navigating the challenges associated with implementing transformative technologies.

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics will host the event in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic AI community. The summit will feature lightning talks, panel discussions, and a poster session, providing attendees with ample opportunities to learn from AI experts, share knowledge, and network.

Keynote speakers at the event include renowned figures in the field of AI and healthcare, such as Dr. John Halamka, Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Dr. Anant Madabhushi, and others. The summit will be chaired by Dr. Hamid Tizhoosh from the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics.

Registration for the AI Summit is open to both Mayo Clinic and external participants, with a registration fee of 0 for in-person or virtual attendance (0 for students). Attendees can also submit abstracts for presentation at the summit, covering various AI-related topics.

For more information on registration, abstract submission, and the complete agenda of the summit, visit the AI Summit website. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking event that explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare.