Michael Strahan Reveals Setback In Daughter’s Brain Cancer Battle

Isabella said she experienced dizziness before the diagnosis and undergoing brain surgery in October, followed by rehabilitation and six weeks of radiation treatment. The 19-year-old said she went “two months of keeping it quiet, which has been difficult,” but doesn’t want to “hide” her journey, which will include chemotherapy at Duke University, where Sophia attends college, beginning in February.

“I’m feeling good, not too bad. I’m very excited for this whole process to wrap but you just have to keep living every day through the whole thing,” she said.

Isabella, who has worked as a model and recently launched a campaign with Sephora, said she launched her YouTube series to document her battle with medulloblastoma in partnership with Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center.

“With my platform, I hope to just kind of be a voice and be a person who people who maybe are going through something similar, going through chemotherapy or radiation, can look at and just hear and just watch, or find something interesting about their day,” she said. “I’m just excited for that.”

“I know she’s going through it, but I know that we’re never given more than we can handle,” Michael added. “She is going to crush this.”

“I know this has been tough, but you keep living Isabella,” he added. “We love you. We’re here for you and you got this.”