5 Apps For Creating And Editing Spreadsheets On Android Devices

We’ve saved one of the best options for the last. Google Sheets is not only completely free and devoid of advertisements but is extremely lightweight and can practically run on any smartphone. This snappy and widely compatible nature isn’t to be mistaken for Google Sheets being any less powerful than the competitors on the list. As a matter of fact, the ability to download and use add-ons from the Chrome Web Store makes this potentially more feature-packed and customizable than the other offerings. 

All you need to get started with Google Sheets is a free Google account and access to the internet to download the app from the Play Store. Sheets is best known for how seamlessly you can switch between devices without ever having to manually save your work. You can edit offline with Google Sheets, and your spreadsheets will be automatically updated once your phone has access to the internet again. 

It has deep integration with Google’s other products, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, and its companion office-related app, Google Docs. There are official templates for Google Sheets you can choose from before creating a new spreadsheet, or simply import ones you find online. All of the conditional formatting magic can be found in Google Sheets, making it completely viable for professional office use.