Krotos Studio update adds Quick FX and AI-powered presets

Krotos Studio
Image courtesy Kratos

Krotos has unveiled a “groundbreaking update” to its Krotos Studio application at the NAMM 2024 show in Anaheim. The Quick FX module allows you to intuitively position sounds within a scene, quickly and efficiently. In addition, the update adds new AI-powered sound effect presets.

Krotos Studio

Krotos Studio is designed to simplify sound design and foley (adding sound effects) in film and video post-production. It is available as a standalone app or as VST, AU and AAX plug-ins. The plug-in version of Krotos Studio can also be used in all of the major DAWs as well as DaVinci Resolve. You can choose from a range of over 200 presets to begin your sound design before adjusting the timing and length to suit your scene. In addition, Krotos Studio has an extensive library of samples with new samples and presets added each month.

Quick FX

With the new Quick FX module, you can place any sound effect in a real space and then easily adjust its distance or apply a muffle effect. Using Quick FX’s Reverb Only, Distance and Filter Only modes you can also shape how a sound is rendered. Quick FX integrates seamlessly with Krotos Studio, so you can apply the effects to any of the existing presets. In addition, Quick FX is designed to allow users to create realistic audio environments without requiring extensive expertise in sound manipulation. This means it is ideal for content creators and video editors as well as sound designers and audio professionals.

AI-powered presets

The AI features in Krotos Studio have been enhanced with AI-powered sound effect presets. The new presets showcase an X-Y pad interface with a cluster of colored pins, representing each sound segment by timbre and intensity. You can use this to create sound effects through intuitive interaction and shape the sound in real-time to suit your project. There is also a new AI-powered search engine which employs machine learning. Krotos says this significantly improves search efficiency, which is a productivity drain on other sound design platforms.

What we think

Krotos Studio is a powerful sound design tool that delivers high-quality audio. With the introduction of Quick FX, Krotos has opened up that creativity to content creators and video editors as well as audio specialists. The addition of new AI-powered presets will also enhance the soundscapes you can put together. The subscription model of paying for software isn’t always popular. However, there is a free version of Krotos Studio if you want to try it before you buy.

Pricing and availability

Krotos Studio is available on a subscription-based model. This costs $120 billed annually or $15 if you prefer to pay monthly. There’s also the option to get started for free with the cut-down Krotos Studio Free.