Etro | SS24 Campaign Etro’s newest reality-bending campaign

ETRO‘s SS24 campaign emerges from the collaboration between Marco De Vincenzo, the brand’s creative director, digital artist Silvia Baldotti, and Artificial Intelligence. The resulting images are both manmade and machine-made, designed by AI software but prompted by Baldotti’s textual cues.

The collection transports to places that stretch the limits of reality, inhabitable only through an active imagination and shine with an otherworldly glow in gardens teeming with oversized flowers and alien creatures as their velvety complexions melt into pastel palaces.

This dialogue between man and machine mirrors the conversation that occurs between an article of clothing and the wearer. Fashion is an art form hinged on the combination of numerous factors that can occur in infinite iterations as the article of clothing interacts not only with the person wearing it but the rest of their outfit. Imagination and creativity, then, invite endless opportunities for expression.