Hufvudstaden provides Taxi Stockholm with dedicated EV fast charger access in central Stockholm

On Thursday February 1st, Hufvudstaden’s first fast charging station for electric vehicles (EV) was inaugurated at its NK Parkaden car park in central Stockholm. The facility currently has six fast chargers which will initially be made exclusively available to Taxi Stockholm vehicles. As the car park’s access to electricity increases, plans are being drawn up for additional fast chargers that will support the electrification of transport in central Stockholm.

NK Parkaden already has more than 320 11 kW EV chargers, among the most of any central Stockholm car park. The next step to promote the electrification of transport in the Swedish capital is underway with the installation of the six fast chargers, each with an output of up to 150 kW. The aim is to install additional fast chargers as more electrical supply is made available to NK Parkaden.


“As a growing proportion of Stockholm traffic is electrified, NK Parkaden has a key role to play – especially as commercial traffic will need access to fast charging in the city. We’re really excited to be launching this pilot project together with the City of Stockholm and Taxi Stockholm,” says Karl Palm, Director Business Development Hufvudstaden.


City of Stockholm’s Vice Mayor for Transport and Urban Environment, Lars Strömgren, attended the opening ceremony.


A city with lower noise and fresher air makes is more welcoming. There is broad political agreement around the goal of making Stockholm’s inner city entirely emissions-free. It’s great to see how new collaborations on expanding the fast charging network can facilitate the electrification of the city’s transport system,” Strömgren says.


Hufvudstaden and Taxi Stockholm have signed a co-operation agreement that gives the taxi company’s drivers the exclusive right to charge their vehicles in NK Parkaden.


The fast charging station will make many taxi drivers’ lives easier as they will not have to leave the city to quickly charge their cars. The charging station will also benefit NK customers and others in the area, and will enable customers to simply book a taxi to the NK Parkaden charging station using the Taxi Stockholm app.


Our conversion to an electric car fleet is going at record speed, which means we need more charging stations in the Stockholm region. The fast chargers in NK Parkaden enable us to increase our use of electric vehicles in the city centre – an investment that benefits the environment and our customers,” says Niclas Roll at Taxi Stockholm.


Stockholm, February 1st 2024




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