Contactless Payments Available for Short Tram Journeys in Nottingham

Nottingham Express Transit (NET) is set to introduce a new low-price fare of £1.50 for passengers taking short journeys within dedicated ‘Short Hop’ zones. The new ‘Tap On, Tap Off’ Short Hop travel ticket will be launched on Tuesday, 2 April, allowing passengers to tap their bank card or contactless mobile payment device at the start and end of their journey to take advantage of the discounted fare.

This initiative is part of NET’s contactless validation system introduced in 2022, enabling passengers within Short Hop zones to use contactless payment for the £1.50 fare. Previously, passengers had to purchase tickets from Ticket Vending Machines within the zone they were traveling.

The nine Short Hop zones across Nottingham’s tram network cover various areas like Hucknall, Bulwell, Clifton, and Nottingham city center. Passengers must ensure to tap out when completing their journey within a Short Hop zone to avoid being charged for a full-price ticket. For those traveling beyond these zones, tapping once at the start of the journey suffices.

The introduction of the ‘Tap On, Tap Off’ Short Hop travel option aims to enhance convenience for tram users and make exploring Nottingham more accessible. Andrew Conroy, chief operating officer at Nottingham Express Transit, highlights the ease of using card or mobile payment devices for quick and hassle-free travel. For any assistance or inquiries regarding the new payment method or Short Hop zones, passengers can reach out to NET’s team or utilize the help button on Ticket Vending Machines.

Overall, this initiative demonstrates NET’s commitment to improving services and providing affordable travel options for passengers across Nottingham’s tram network.