’15 Remarkable Structures Built Entirely from Wood Around the Globe’

Wood has been a staple building material for centuries, known for its versatility and durability. From traditional timber beams to modern mass timber technologies, wood continues to play a vital role in architectural design. Recent advancements in mass timber have led to increased governmental approvals for its use in a wide range of structures, sparking a newfound interest in wood as a sustainable building material.

Architects from around the world are pushing the boundaries of what wood can achieve in modern design. Projects like a Japanese museum with a unique interlocking grid structure and a concert hall in Norway with acoustically optimized undulating forms showcase the stunning capabilities of wood in architecture.

With its renewable nature and potential for low carbon footprint, wood is becoming a top choice for environmentally conscious buildings. By utilizing wood in innovative ways, architects are able to create elegant and sustainable designs that reflect a commitment to a greener future.

Explore the best designs that wood has to offer, as top architects from across the globe continue to push the boundaries of this timeless building material.