Building a Chatbot with LLM for SAP HANA Cloud using RAG Application

RAG, which stands for Retrieval Augmented Generation, is a cutting-edge technology that operates like a super-intelligent robot with access to vast libraries of information, such as the SAP HANA Vector Engine. This technology combines the ability to search for information with the capability to generate answers, resulting in more accurate responses to user queries. It’s akin to having a knowledgeable friend who always knows where to find the perfect answer to your questions.

The objective of creating a RAG application is to develop a quick and easy tool that can query the SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine using LLM (Large Language Model) and communicate back in a professional manner. The tasks involved in this project include creating a table with a vector column, loading data into the table, and interacting with the LLM chatbot.

To implement this project, several tools and infrastructure components are required. These include SAP HANA Cloud, Visual Studio Code with Jupyter notebook extension, a dataset from Kaggle, and an API key from OpenAI. By setting up these tools, developers can create an efficient RAG application for querying and responding with the SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine.

The process involves setting up the SAP HANA Database Explorer, importing data into the database table, adding text embeddings for data representation, and executing similarity searches using the SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine. Additionally, developers can utilize functions in Python to query the LLM chatbot, generate responses, and compare the results of vector engine searches with LLM-based conversations.

In conclusion, the RAG application demonstrates the value of integrating advanced technologies like LLM and vector engines for data querying and conversation generation. By leveraging these tools and techniques, developers can create intelligent applications that deliver accurate and articulate responses to user queries. This project showcases the potential of combining different technologies to enhance the user experience and provide valuable insights.