– Rapport indiquant que moins de 10 % du volume de transactions de Stablecoin provient d’utilisateurs réels

In April, out of approximately .2 trillion in total transactions, only 9 billion came from “organic payment activity,” according to a report. The analysis excluded transactions carried out by robots and large-scale traders to isolate those made by real people.

The report highlighted the growing trend of organic payment activity in the market, indicating that more individuals are getting involved in cryptocurrency transactions. This shift towards genuine user participation is seen as a positive development for the industry.

Furthermore, the report emphasized the importance of distinguishing between organic and non-organic payment activity to gain a better understanding of market dynamics. By isolating transactions from real users, analysts can more accurately assess the impact of individual investors on the overall market trends.

Overall, the data suggests that organic payment activity is becoming an increasingly significant factor in the cryptocurrency market, reflecting a broader trend towards mainstream adoption of digital assets. This shift is expected to continue as more individuals explore the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.