Baked Salmon

  • Why is salmon so expensive? Wild salmon can be a bit pricey, though usually not as expensive as say, halibut. Salmon is extremely popular and overfishing means that some salmon populations are becoming endangered, so the supply of wild salmon struggles to meet the demand. When that’s the case, prices go up. However, there are deals to be found!

  • Is it better to buy fresh or frozen salmon? Wild or farmed? In general, wild salmon tastes better than farmed. However, if is more expensive and it is not always necessarily more sustainable! Like we said, this stuff can be genuinely confusing. If sustainability is your primary concern, look for certifications, like those given out by the Marine Stewardship Council, or check the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s excellent “Seafood Watch” site for more detailed info about what you see in the fish case.

  • Speaking of sustainability….If sustainability is your primary concern—look out for Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon. Sockeye is one of our very favorite types of salmon—it’s vibrantly red and oh-so-meaty—and the Sockeye that comes from Bristol Bay is hands down the best. You can read all about their super successful sustainability efforts and fishing practices here.

  • What do you mean by ‘whole salmon filet’? So what we really mean is half a salmon! It’ll have skin on one side and be gorgeously pink on the other and it’s all ready for you to plop on a piece of foil and bake! And don’t worry too much—the people at the fish counter will know what you mean when you ask for a two-pound filet of salmon.