Adventure Lab® Spotlight: A Bygone Era – Parktown

Take a trip back in time for a glimpse of 20th century Johannesburg with this month’s spotlight on the Adventure, A Bygone Era – Parktown. The Locations of this Adventure, all tucked away on one road in the Parktown neighborhood, bring explorers to different stately homes from the early 20th century, whose architecture and design have earned them status as official heritage sites. Read on and get swept up in the elegance of these historical homes.

The first Location of the Adventure brings you to the top of The Valley Road. From there you’ll visit four different houses, each with a large blue heritage site plaque sharing information about the home’s history. At the third Location in the Adventure, you’ll arrive at the ivy-covered arch marking the entrance to Prospect Terrace. This house was home to Dr. Bernard Friedman, founder of the Progressive Party political platform that opposed apartheid. In addition to learning about the house’s history, you can also admire the design elements that make it a prime example of the Arts and Crafts architectural style.

Reviews of this Adventure emphasize what a great stroll it is:

“Left us speechless. Loved the rich history and old world charm. Thank you for a lovely experience on our visit from Port Elizabeth.” – MixieLee

“A fantastic walk in a beautiful area. I absolutely LOVED doing this AL! I just wanted to continue…. Thank you for sharing and. [sic] Thank you so much for putting it together 🤗🤗!” – Panthera03

“This was such an interesting little drive up and down The Valley Road. So much history which I really wouldn’t have known much about at all if it wasn’t for this AL Cache. Thank you to the CO for a very interesting piece of Parktown history.” – AdieA

Because the Locations of the Adventure are so near each other, it’s easy to complete it in one nice walk. The creator of the Adventure, MacAddikt, mentions in the description that most of the homes are still private residences, which is good to keep in mind as you complete the Locations.

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