YANGWANG Launched the U9, Priced at 1.68 Million RMB> YANGWANG U9 (Photo: Business Wire) YANGWANG U9 on the track (Photo: Business Wire) DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System (Photo: Business Wire) YANGWANG U9 (Photo: Business Wire) Cabin of YANGWANG U9 (Photo: Business Wire) YANGWANG U9 (Photo: Business Wire)

(BUSINESS WIRE) — BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles and power battery, proudly unveils the first pure electric supercar model U9 under its high-end sub-brand, YANGWANG, priced at 1.68 million RMB, and announced the delivery will start in this summer.

Adopting the “Time Gate” design language, the YANGWANG U9 embodies a distinctive aesthetic, characterized by unique proportions, tension, and power, reflecting its identity as a pure electric supercar.

Robust Technologies Shapes The Track-ready, Street-savvy, and Playful U9

The YANGWANG U9 is powered by two core technologies, the e4 platform and the DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System, revolutionizing the pure electric supercar segment, seamlessly integrating track performance, street adaptability, and playful features.

The e4 Platform is a power system with four independent electric motors as its core, featuring agile and precise and four-wheel independent torque output control, bringing users the ultimate in safety, performance, and experience. The YANGWANG U9 packs a whopping 1,300 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1680N·m.

The BYD DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System is another proprietary breakthrough. The first deployment of the BYD DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System enables the YANGWANG U9 to achieve the maximum adjustable suspension travel of up to 75mm, while its peak single-axis lifting speed of up to 500mm/s, enabling instantaneous lifting force of over 1 ton and facilitating the remarkable leap-up of the U9. Those features deliver unparalleled driving experience in diverse driving scenarios like braking, acceleration, cornering, and road impacts, greatly enhancing vehicle agility and comfort for both drivers and passengers. In addition to these, YANGWANG U9 can effortlessly dance to music with just a click.

Unprecedented Performance Redefines Pure Electric Supercar

In recent tests, the YANGWANG U9 reaches a top speed of 309.19 km/h and can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.36 seconds, with 0-400m acceleration in only 9.78 seconds. Besides, after rigorous track testing, the U9 has fine-tuned its thermal management system to better resist high temperatures, resulting in a 100% increase in maximum cooling capacity. The Blade Battery facilitates discharging and cooling functions and Dual Plug-in Ultra-fast charging technology boasts a maximum charging power of 500 kW. Additionally, YANGWANG U9 is equipped with 12 sets of active and passive aerodynamic packages to reduce drag coefficient and enhance heat dissipation efficiency.

The YANGWANG U9 boasts the Super Carbon-fiber Cabin, a structure made of different materials, and the next-generation CTB technology. And it contributes to unprecedented torsional stiffness of 54425N·m/deg and the single-side compressive load of the roof exceeds 11 tons, ensuring comprehensive travel safety.

Intelligent Cabin Creates Unparalleled Driving Experience

The YANGWANG U9 is equipped with the DiLink150 intelligent platform, powered by customized 4nm 5G chips. Specifically designed for track driving, it boasts an intelligent racing assistantance, providing extensive track driving services with detailed information on nearly 30 racetracks across China.

Inside, the YANGWANG U9’s cockpit features two 14-way adjustable seats to offer drivers and passengers with better experience. It also boasts the Dynaudio Evidence Series high-end audio system, offering an immersive auditory experience.

With BYD’s adhering commitments to innovation and sustainability, YANGWANG redefines the essence of the supercar with its cutting-edge technologies and superior performance, offering uncompromising safety and an incomparable driving experience to users.

About BYD

BYD is a multinational high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. Founded in 1995 as a rechargeable battery maker, BYD now boasts a diverse business scope covering automobiles, rail transit, new energy, and electronics, with over 30 industrial parks in China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Hungary, and India. From energy generation and storage to its applications, BYD is dedicated to providing zero-emission energy solutions that reduce global reliance on fossil fuels. Its new energy vehicle footprint now covers 6 continents, over 70 countries and regions, and more than 400 cities. Listed in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, the company is known to be a Fortune Global 500 enterprise that furnishes innovations in pursuit of a greener world.

For more information, please visit www.bydglobal.com.

About BYD Auto

Founded in 2003, BYD Auto is the automotive subsidiary of BYD, a multinational high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. Aiming to accelerate the green transition of the global transportation sector, BYD Auto focuses on developing pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The company has mastered the core technologies of the entire industrial chain of new energy vehicles, such as batteries, electric motors, and electronic controllers. It has witnessed in recent years significant technological advancements, including the Blade Battery, DM-i Super Hybrid Technology, e Platform 3.0, CTB Technology, e4 Platform, BYD DiSus Intelligent Body Control System, and DMO super hybrid system. The company is the world’s first carmaker to stop the production of fossil-fueled vehicles on the EV shift and has remained top of new energy passenger vehicle sales in China for 11 years in a row. For more information, please visit www.byd.com.

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