What Makes Commercial Solar Panels Different, And Can You Use Them On Your Home?

Commercial solar panels contain more photovoltaic cells (more power generation capability) than residential equipment, making them a more attractive prospect for homeowners. However, this additional power comes at a cost, with commercial panels being much more extensive than their family neighborhood counterparts. These commercial panels take up vast sections of building and parking structure roofs and even acres of land when installed on the ground.

Even if a homeowner could accommodate commercial solar panels on their property and get all the necessary approvals and permits, is it even affordable? Not really. Unfortunately, commercial units can run into the six- and seven-figure range because of their size and the more complex installation process. If the original goal was to save some money, the prohibitive cost makes commercial solar panels a non-starter for residential homes. These systems are designed for businesses, some of which employ thousands of people working in skyscrapers or large factories with immense power needs that far outpace those of a typical home.