‘Whales Make Moves in Altcoin Market: Buying and Selling in Recent Hours’

Cryptocurrency whales have been actively buying and selling tokens in recent hours, with significant transactions taking place. One notable wallet, identified as 0xc2f, recently withdrew 316,400 LINK tokens worth .51 million from Kraken, bringing its total holdings to 632.91 thousand LINK valued at .03 million.

Another whale wallet, known by the short address 0x537, deposited 150k RNDR tokens worth .6 million to GSR Markets’ Binance deposit address. This wallet acquired the tokens from the Render Network multisig wallet at an average price of .93. In total, the whale deposited 259.99 thousand RNDR tokens worth .77 million through three transactions on centralized exchanges in the last 30 hours, holding a total of 1.66 million RNDR valued at approximately .64 million.

Additionally, GSR Markets deposited 980 thousand ENA tokens worth 9.49 thousand to the Binance deposit address. Over the last six days, GSR Markets deposited a total of 13.85 million ENA tokens valued at million in 77 transactions on central exchanges. It also attracted 6.41 million ENA tokens worth .01 million through 44 transactions on Binance during the same period. Currently, GSR Markets holds 4.52 million ENA tokens valued at .24 million across 11 addresses.

It’s important to note that this information is not investment advice. Whales continue to make significant moves in the cryptocurrency market, influencing prices and trading activities.