Warning: Central Bank Preparing for Rollout of the Mark of the Beast

Renowned economist, Kirk Elliot, recently joined Alex Jones in-studio for a live discussion about the central banks’ planned digital currency. According to Elliot, this currency is designed to not only monitor but also control the financial lives of the population. This development has raised concerns among many experts, with some likening it to the implementation of the infamous “Mark of the Beast.”

During the discussion, Elliot highlighted the potential dangers associated with the rollout of this new digital currency. He warned that it could lead to an unprecedented level of control over individuals’ financial transactions and privacy. In addition, Elliot expressed his concerns about the implications of such a system on personal freedoms and autonomy.

As news of the central banks’ planned digital currency continues to spread, it has sparked a debate about the future of financial freedom and privacy. Many are calling for greater transparency and accountability from the institutions behind this initiative, in order to protect the interests of the public.

Overall, the conversation between Kirk Elliot and Alex Jones sheds light on the potential risks and implications of the central banks’ digital currency. It serves as a reminder of the importance of staying informed and engaged in discussions about the future of our financial systems.