Vultr Launches New CDN Service to Accelerate the Provisioning and Scaling of Content and Media Delivery Worldwide

Vultr announced the launch of Vultr CDN. This next-generation content delivery service pushes content closer to the edge without compromising security. Building atop Vultr’s global infrastructure spanning six continents, Vultr now enables global content and media caching, empowering Vultr’s worldwide community of over 225K developers with turnkey services for scaling their websites and web applications.

Traditional content delivery networks are incredibly complex, leaving businesses and web developers needing help to configure, manage, and optimize infrastructure cost-effectively and in a timely manner. They require immediate access to a powerful, scalable, and global content delivery network to accelerate digital content distribution and keep up with customer demand. The launch of Vultr CDN marks the next phase of the company’s growth as a leading cloud computing platform. By adding global content caching and delivery to Vultr’s existing cloud infrastructure, Vultr CDN simplifies infrastructure operations with unbeatable price-to-performance starting at $10/month, with the industry’s lowest bandwidth costs. For those requiring the highest performance CPUs, Vultr also offers unique high-frequency plans powered by high clock speed CPUs and NVMe local storage, optimized for websites and content management systems.

“Over the past decade Vultr has grown to become the world’s largest privately-held cloud computing company, and the launch of Vultr CDN is the next step in strengthening our portfolio of solutions for our worldwide developer community,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO of Vultr’s parent company, Constant. “Vultr CDN simplifies content delivery so that developers worldwide can easily enable global, on-demand availability for all of their digital content and digital media.”

Purpose-built for performance-driven businesses, Vultr CDN delivers a cutting-edge network for fast, secure, and reliable content distribution and is optimized for content acceleration, API caching, image optimization, and more. Seamless integrations with Vultr Cloud Compute enable Vultr CDN to scale automatically and intelligently by selecting the best location for content delivery, thereby optimizing user requests to save time and money. With the launch of Vultr CDN, customers benefit from:

  • Distributed cloud infrastructure across six continents – Vultr CDN is backed by robust infrastructure spanning six continents, utilizing strategically located cloud data center locations worldwide. This infrastructure ensures low latency content delivery, irrespective of the user’s location. The presence of data centers in multiple regions demonstrates the ability of Vultr CDN to overcome the challenges of geographical distance and varied internet connectivity conditions.
  • Price-to-performance – Vultr CDN redefines market standards by offering an unbeatable $10 per month rate, coupled with the industry’s lowest bandwidth costs. The result is unmatched cost-efficiency on six continents.
  • Built-in security and compliance – Vultr CDN offers robust security with features like AI Blocking and Bad Bots Blocking, safeguarding digital assets against a variety of cyber threats. Compliance with industry-leading security standards further ensures data integrity and trust, providing a secure environment for content delivery needs.
  • Seamless integration with popular CMS platforms – Leverage the power of community-developed plugins and extensions to effortlessly integrate Vultr CDN-cached content with CMS platforms. Enjoy reduced latency and averted downtime, ensuring that content is always available at the edge, close to end customers for an unparalleled web experience.
  • Object caching across six continents – Vultr CDN leverages a robust, global network, ensuring your content is cached closer to your users across six continents. Global integration with Vultr Object Storage significantly reduces latency and improves the responsiveness of website content and media delivery.

Vultr CDN is now available for use as a beta service with a full release in February.