Vonage and AT&T Collaborate to Drive Ecosystem for Innovation by providing New Network APIs to Developers

Vonage announced an intent to collaborate with American multinational telecommunications operator, AT&T, to expand the power of the network for developers and enterprises through APIs.

By combining AT&T’s API-enabled network capabilities with Vonage’s communications and network APIs, the companies are collaborating to drive the creation of an innovative ecosystem by exposing network capabilities through APIs to deliver new services and solutions to enterprises optimizing application performance and creating new applications and use cases to drive better customer experiences.

Vonage’s communications and network APIs make it easy for developers to embed communications capabilities into applications, systems and workflows. With AT&T’s network leadership, together they plan to enable developers to build advanced secure, reliable and innovative applications by exposing 5G capabilities through APIs in support of driving an ecosystem for open innovation.

AT&T will make user-friendly communications and network APIs available to a broad community of developers to drive scalability and business case development together with enhanced security. These will include standardised CAMARA APIs, such as Vonage Number Verification API, which will deliver secure and reliable authentication of a mobile device in real-time, helping to protect users and businesses from fraud without burdening the user or interrupting the sign-in process. Additionally, the AT&T Device Access API provides more security to mobile phones through Single-Sign-On, and the Vonage SIM Swap API will enable developers to integrate SIM swap detection and management functionality into their applications, enhancing security by identifying potentially fraudulent activity and providing an additional layer of protection.

“AT&T has been on a network transformation journey for many years, and our network has become a powerful platform for innovation,” Yigal Elbaz, Senior Vice President Network CTO, AT&T. “We are excited to invite developer communities to take advantage of these new network capabilities. Vonage is a wonderful collaborator in this endeavor, thanks to its robust and engaged developer community and market leading communication API capabilities. We look forward to working with application service providers that can build innovative new solutions and co-create new areas of value for our customers through AT&T’s network.”

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with AT&T,” Savinay Berry, Executive Vice President of Product and Engineering, Vonage. “By combining our global communications and network APIs with AT&T’s mobile application development solutions, we will be able to together deliver innovative new services and capabilities to enterprises and end users, while accelerating innovation for the network. We expect the demand for new services, innovations and value creation enabled by 5G to grow significantly over the coming years.”