‘Unveiling the Ultimate Excel Custom Widget for SAP Analytics Cloud: fileUploadXLS’

A new custom widget called fileUploadXLS has been created to streamline the handling of Excel or XLS files within SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). This widget allows users to easily retrieve file data in various formats such as JSON and raw text.

Key Features of the fileUploadXLS widget include:
– File Format Flexibility: Supports Excel and XLS files for compatibility with common data sources.
– Data Retrieval: Easily retrieve file data in JSON, raw text, or other formats.
– Filtering Capabilities: Apply filters to records based on value or character presence.
– Data Hierarchy: Set hierarchical structures for better data organization.

To integrate the fileUploadXLS widget into your SAP application, follow these simple steps:
1. Download the Widget from the provided link or Github.
2. Add the widget to the SAC Portal by uploading the fileUploadXLS.json file.
3. Start using the widget in your applications.

The widget offers various methods to interact with your data, including setting hierarchical structures, applying filters, and retrieving data in different formats. Your feedback and suggestions for the SAC-P Custom Widget: fileUploadXLS are always welcome to improve the tool.

In conclusion, the SAC-P Custom Widget: fileUploadXLS is a valuable tool for SAP Analytics Cloud users to simplify the process of working with Excel and XLS files. With its data retrieval capabilities and filtering options, this widget enhances data management efficiency. By following the installation steps, users can easily integrate the widget into their applications and leverage its features immediately.