‘Uniswap Secures Significant Crypto Gaming Acquisition’

Uniswap Labs has recently acquired Crypto: The Game, a popular interactive online survival game with integrated cryptocurrency mechanics. The acquisition comes after the success of Crypto: The Game’s season 2, “Anon Island,” which attracted over 800 crypto enthusiasts worldwide and had a net prize pool exceeding 1,000.

As part of the acquisition, all members of the Crypto: The Game team will join Uniswap Labs to work on the highly anticipated season 3. Uniswap founder Hayden Adams expressed excitement about the possibilities brought by the acquisition, emphasizing the importance of engaging on-chain experiences for the Uniswap community.

Uniswap, known as the largest multi-chain decentralized crypto exchange for EVM, reached a milestone of 3.2 million users last April. The upcoming season 3 of Crypto: The Game is expected to introduce new themes, twists, and on-chain features while maintaining the operational workflow unchanged.

In previous seasons, players participated by buying in with 0.1 ETH, joining tribes, completing daily challenges, and voting each other out over 10-day seasons until one winner takes home the entire prize pool. With the acquisition by Uniswap Labs, Season 3 promises to bring novel on-chain features to engage and excite players.