“Transition to Fully Electric Vehicles Expected by Late 2026”

Disneyland Resort has officially announced its plans to replace the gas cars at Autopia with electric vehicles. This decision comes after pressure from electric vehicle activists and climate columnist Sammy Roth, who advocated for a shift to fully electric vehicles within the next two years.

Disneyland spokesperson Jessica Good confirmed that the project will involve fully electric vehicles, not hybrids, and the transition away from gasoline cars will be completed within the next 30 months. The electrification process is scheduled to be finished by fall 2026, although there is currently no specific closing date for Autopia as the switch may occur gradually.

Zan Dubin, the advocate behind the pressure campaign, hailed the announcement as a “huge victory” for climate activism. The move towards electrification aligns with a broader vision for Tomorrowland that focuses on renewable energy, public transit, and other sustainable technologies.

Disney Legend Bob Gurr, the original designer of Autopia, expressed pride in his work but acknowledged the need to retire the gas cars. The decision to electrify Autopia marks a significant step towards a more environmentally-friendly future.

The upcoming rally outside Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, sponsored by Plug In America, will celebrate Disney’s commitment to electric vehicles. Executive director Joel Levin praised Disney for taking the necessary steps towards a greener tomorrow.

Autopia will join other Disney parks worldwide in embracing electric vehicles, with Disneyland Paris already featuring a similar ride. The transition to fully electric vehicles at Autopia reflects Disney’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation in its attractions.