Transformation of the Pharma Legal Sector by Riham Naim, a Prominent Figure in the Community

Riham Naim, the Head of Legal GULF Countries at Novartis, is a trailblazer in the legal services industry. As one of the most influential women leaders in the field, Riham is paving the way for diversity and inclusion. She is breaking down barriers and creating a more equitable legal profession, inspiring the next generation of female lawyers to achieve success in traditionally male-dominated roles.

With a distinguished career, Riham co-founded the Egypt In-House Counsel Group, a community of legal professionals in Egypt. This group has grown to over 500 in-house counsels, providing a platform for sharing knowledge, job opportunities, and improving efficiency in legal services in Egypt.

Riham’s journey to the top includes extensive experience in legal leadership positions. She currently leads the legal team for the GULF region at Novartis, bringing with her valuable experience from her previous roles as Country Head of Legal for Novartis Egypt and positions at Arab International Bank and Credit Lyonnais Bank in Kuwait. Her background also includes work as a French interpreter and law trainee. Riham is a highly qualified lawyer and a member of the American Association of Corporate Counsel and the Egyptian Bar Association.

Reflecting on her challenges and successes, Riham emphasizes the importance of mindset and turning challenges into opportunities. She believes in leaving a strong legacy, building trust within her team, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Riham is a strong advocate for fostering innovation through diversity, believing that different perspectives and backgrounds lead to unique insights and ideas.

With a focus on making a positive impact through her work, Riham aims to promote females’ role in the legal field within the Middle East. She advises women entering the industry to embrace complexity, understand the industry’s dynamics, and challenge the status quo.

As Riham continues to make strides in her career, she remains focused on leaving a lasting legacy, upskilling herself and her team, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Her determination and vision for the future set a powerful example for aspiring female leaders in the legal industry.

Team Insights Success commends Riham Naim for her achievements and wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.