TMT 2024 year of the smart home

For some time, large technology platforms included dashboards and control panels for the smart home in their software. Examples include Apple’s Home Kit, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, but also the Philips Hue system and Home Assistant, an open-source project with global reach. There were also many companies offering products for the smart home, such as smart lighting solutions from Signify, smart plugs, doorbells, cameras, home audio and smart domestic appliances. Also, Ikea has a wide range of products for the smart home. The interoperability has been greatly improved because of the new standard, Matter. This new standard was designed to enhance the compatibility and interoperability of devices from different vendors. Matter has been developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. Members of the alliance are, for example, Apple, Amazon, Google, as well as Ikea, Schneider, Huawei, Signify, NXP, Infineon, ST Microelectronics, Tuya, Samsung, Resideo and Verizon. Truly an industry-wide group. Devices that are designed according to the Matter standard are interoperable across multiple platforms, removing barriers between multiple ecosystems.