‘Three Innovative Architecture Programs Shaping the Future of Design’

From the College of Art and Architecture at the University of Idaho to the California College of the Arts and the Tulane School of Architecture, these institutions are paving the way for a brighter future through innovative design and education.

The College of Art and Architecture at the University of Idaho offers professional, accredited programs in Art & Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture & Design, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design, and Virtual Technology & Design. Graduates from these programs are equipped to lead in a variety of fields while prioritizing sustainability, economic resiliency, cultural vibrancy, and social responsibility. The university’s hands-on approach and integrative curriculum prepare students to create human-centric designs that make a positive impact locally and globally.

Meanwhile, the California College of the Arts celebrates five outstanding students who have been selected for the Metropolis Future 100. As a hub for creativity in San Francisco, CCA offers master’s and bachelor’s degree programs in Architecture and Interior Design that challenge conventional norms and promote a culture of innovation and social action.

Lastly, the Tulane School of Architecture focuses on addressing urgent challenges facing humanity through research and design in the built environment. The school emphasizes socially conscious and environmentally just models to create a more sustainable world. Education at Tulane includes various disciplines such as architecture, design, urbanism, historic preservation, sustainable real estate development, social innovation, and landscape architecture and engineering.

These three institutions are at the forefront of architectural and design education, pushing boundaries, and preparing students to make a difference. To learn more about their programs, visit their websites or follow them on social media for updates and insights into their innovative work.