This Week Taxpayers Urged to Pay Taxes with Sars

Taxpayers Urged to Settle Tax Payments with Sars Before Month End

With the end of the tax revenue financial year approaching, the South African Revenue Service (Sars) has designated March as a crucial month for taxpayers and traders to settle their tax and customs payments. The deadline for payments is Thursday, 28 March 2024.

Taxpayers have multiple options for making payments, including through a bank, electronic funds transfer (EFT), eFiling, or the Sars MobiApp. Customs payments can also be processed at any Sars Customs office. It is essential for taxpayers and traders to conduct payment transactions during business hours to ensure that their banking institutions can release the payment to Sars, particularly when using eFiling and the MobiApp.

For inquiries about the remaining balance, individuals can request a statement of account on eFiling or the Sars MobiApp, or send an SMS to SARS on 47277.

As the deadline approaches, it is crucial for taxpayers to settle their tax obligations promptly to avoid any penalties or additional fees. Take advantage of the available payment options to ensure compliance with Sars requirements.