‘This Non-Pizza Related Commercial by Coinbase at DAVID’

In a new commercial for crypto-exchange service Coinbase, the concept of cryptocurrency is portrayed as superior to traditional money due to the absence of third parties taking a “slice” of the transaction. Director Sam Brown brings this analogy to life with a dynamic and entertaining approach, making it easy to understand and adding a touch of humor.

While some may question the relevance of this analogy in addressing a common concern, the ad still succeeds in effectively communicating the benefits of cryptocurrency. The overall message resonates well with the audience, despite the ongoing debate surrounding the trading of cryptocurrencies and its comparison to gambling.

This innovative approach to advertising falls under the Financial Services category and is targeted towards audiences in the USA. The creativity and execution of this commercial make it a standout piece of communication that captures the attention of viewers. Whether you’re a fan of cryptocurrency or not, this commercial is sure to leave a lasting impression.