The Wednesday Politics Thread is Going to the Moon

Welcome back to Wednesday, Politicados! 

As you may recall from past headers, I love science and I especially love space. So I thought today I’d highlight a story about our next space adventure.

NPR recently profiled Victor Glover, the pilot for NASA’s upcoming Artemis II mission. This will be our first manned mission to the moon since the Apollo program ended over 50 years ago. Although Artemis II won’t feature a lunar landing, the plan is for it to test all the systems and spacecraft so that a future mission can actually have us set foot on the moon once again.

The profile details not just Glover’s life and accomplishments, but also the experience of being a Black astronaut representing America for his first mission in 2020. I enjoyed the article, and hope that you might too.

I’m off to get my mouth poked by the dentist. Be kind and thoughtful today. Cheers.