‘The Watchful Informant for the Opposition’

SPY agents tasked with identifying high-value products have curated some of the best items for discerning shoppers. As a Gen Z/millennial cusper, traditional watches never quite appealed to me. Smartwatches felt clunky, vintage watches seemed outdated and pricey, and Y2K-style watches were a bit too retro for my taste. However, the need to accessorize my wrist led me to explore alternatives.

Instead of defaulting to a traditional watch, I gravitated towards bracelets for a more modern and stylish look. Brands like Mejuri and Vitaly offered options that combined sophistication with affordability. Yet, I still desired something eye-catching and unique without breaking the bank like the high-end Cartier Tanks.

Enter Mr. Jones Watches, a quirky and innovative London-based brand that turns time-telling into an artistic experience. Their Paper Crane design, which transitions from day to night with rotating colors, caught my attention. The elegant and playful concept of a crane transforming into a paper crane on the watch face was both mesmerizing and enchanting.

Further, the Ascendant watch by Mr. Jones, designed by gilding artist Marion Labbez, added a touch of fantasy to my accessory collection. The abstract mountaintop face, adorned with stars and moons to indicate the time, felt like a whimsical piece from a magical realm. While not the most practical for precise timekeeping, the watch’s vibrant colors and unique design added a fun and artistic flair to my outfits.

Priced at 5, the Ascendant offered a blend of creativity, sophistication, and affordability, making it a great alternative to luxury brands like Cartier. While I may not consider myself a traditional watch guy, I appreciate accessories that are playful yet elevated, aligning with my desire for unique and stylish pieces that stand out from the crowd. If you’re like me and prefer accessories that add a touch of whimsy and charm, Mr. Jones Watches might be the perfect choice for your wrist.