The tokenized private credit platform Untangled launches its first USDC loan pool on Celo

A new pool structured according to Luxembourg securitization regulations with an initial debt ceiling of million will allow accredited investors to deposit the USDC stablecoin and provide capital to Karmen. Karmen specializes in providing instant loans and working capital to small and medium-sized digital businesses in France, as stated in a press release.

This structured pool will offer investors the opportunity to contribute to Karmen’s mission of supporting digital enterprises with much-needed financial assistance. The use of the USDC stablecoin ensures a stable and secure investment environment for those looking to participate in this innovative opportunity.

By leveraging the benefits of securitization regulations in Luxembourg, the pool aims to facilitate the flow of capital to businesses in need while also providing accredited investors with a new avenue for investment. This collaboration between investors and Karmen highlights the growing interest in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the digital sector, particularly in France.

Overall, this new pool represents a unique opportunity for investors to support the growth and development of digital businesses in France while also benefiting from the stability and security of the USDC stablecoin. With the potential to provide crucial financial support to small enterprises, this initiative has the potential to make a significant impact on the digital economy in France.