The Rivian R2 is the EV I have been waiting for my whole life

It’s here. It’s finally here. After years of looking at the R1T and R1S and knowing that both were incredible but completely out of my price range, Rivian has finally revealed the vehicle that I will finally make the jump to electric over.

Yesterday, Rivian hosted its R2 reveal event. Not only did the company unveil the R2, but it surprised everyone by also unveiling the R3 and R3X, its upcoming high-performance electric take on a crossover. After the event, I watched it only about five more times and dug into Twitter, Reddit, and Rivian’s website to learn everything I could about the R2.

This is the Rivian I’ve been waiting for

Right now, I drive a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. I love to run, hike, camp, backpack, and basically do anything you’d want to do outdoors that a purchase at REI would support. While we were coming up to the R2 unveiling, I was considering trading in my Crosstrek for a Forester or Outback Wilderness. After seeing the R2, those plans are dead and I am holding on to my Crosstrek until I can get my first Rivian and my first electric vehicle.

The Rivian R2 is the electric vehicle I have been waiting for since I first saw an electric car. I’ve always wanted to go electric, but there were a few things holding me back. I needed something that was off-road capable, made for my lifestyle, and hit a price point I could afford. The R2 hits all three of those points for me.

I love the design. It’s basically a miniature version of the R1S, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It also has a bunch of things that make the R1S great like the front trunk, plenty of storage behind the rear seats, and the ability to camp inside the vehicle with the company’s Camp Mode.

Pop-out quarter windows and retracting rear window on the Rivian R2.

However, it also packs some unique features of its own. The back quarter panels pop out and the rear window rolls down to give an open-air experience when driving. You get not one but two glove boxes. And, while the R1S can only fold the rear seats down, the R2 can roll the front seats down as well for an even better in-vehicle camping experience. I can’t wait to see what a custom-built mattress looks like for the R2. If someone can design one that you can easily store in the front trunk, I’ll be all over that.

Two glove boxes in the Rivian R2.

I also love the layout of the interior. It’s very similar to the R1 but with its own personality. The layout, positioning, and sizes of the screens all look incredibly nice, and those touch-capacitive dials on the steering wheel look really intuitive. Scaringe also said that the wireless charging pad in the center console is much improved, so hopefully we won’t need to buy a third-party accessory like a lot of people ended up doing with their R1T and R1S.

Even better than the design are the features

I’m not a huge specs guy, but there are some things about the R2 that also made me pretty stoked. For one, the R2 will support NACS charging, so that fixes the whole CCS/NACS debacle and I don’t have to worry about needing an adapter at a Tesla Supercharger station — sweet. It also will be, at the very least, capable of 270 miles of range which is plenty for me as someone who works from home.

Outside of that, I’m most interested in what the experience of using the vehicle would be like. As someone who wants to use it to get to trailheads and go camping, I need it to be capable of that and was worried that Rivian might keep that capability with the R1T and R1S. Thankfully, that is not the case and this thing is the adventure vehicle I’ve been waiting for.

Rivian R2 in White.

Not only will the R2 feature a dual-motor trim that is capable of All-Wheel Drive, but the ground clearance is more than enough to use it the way I intend to. I’m not trying to rock crawl — I just need it to get to some remote campsites. Once I get to the trailhead or campsite, the accessories that Rivian is making for the R2 are the real unlock for me.