The revolution of marketing through decentralized social networks

Two brands that are thriving are Coinbase and 9dcc, a fashion brand launched by G-Money. 9dcc is a prime example of a brand that truly understands the offline, online, and chain brand experience. Let’s start with Coinbase. They did something innovative as a publicly traded company by releasing their earnings report for free in the form of an NFT collectible. Anyone can create it, and those who did received discounts at their merchandise store and exclusive benefits, such as access to limited edition hats only available to those who created their earnings report.

This demonstrates the interconnectedness of offline, online, and chain elements. The offline component is the merchandise (physical goods), the online component is the purchasing or securing of goods, and the chain element generates their earnings report in a chain. With the chain element, the key is for brands to tell their story through the chain.