The New Coperni “Air Swipe Bag”

Courtesy of ©Coperni

Coperni, a French fashion brand known for it’s technologically innovative and boundary-pushing designs, has once again captured the fashion world’s attention with its latest creation, the Air Swipe Bag. The bag was revealed as part of their Fall Winter 24 Collection, as well as over a post on instagram explaining the materials and design process. This unique accessory stands out due to its fascinating composition of 99% air and 1% glass. Developed in collaboration with Professor Ioannis Michaloudis, the bag utilizes NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel, used for collecting stardust.

Being made out of this material, known as the lightest solid material known to mankind, the bag only weights 33 grams. The material’s ability to withstand extreme conditions, including heat and pressure thousands of times its weight, speaks volumes about the character of Coperni’s latest accessory. Within the accessories of the brand’s latest collection referencing outer space and NASA inspired themes, this bag stands out as a true innovation by incorporating scientific advancements into fashion.