The Future of Payments: Collaboration Between e& Enterprise and Payit

e& enterprise has partnered with Payit from First Abu Dhabi Bank to revolutionize the way businesses in the UAE manage payments and enhance customer satisfaction. This collaboration aims to integrate Payit’s cutting-edge digital wallet technology with e& enterprise’s Payment as a Service Layer.

For businesses, this partnership means they can provide customers with a more straightforward and secure payment method through Payit’s digital wallet. This is expected to drive an increase in digital payment usage, boost conversion rates, and ultimately enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Miguel Angel Villalonga, the COO of e& enterprise, emphasized that this partnership is a significant step towards digital transformation and cashless payments. The PaaS platform offered by e& enterprise plays a crucial role in establishing a secure and comprehensive payment ecosystem. The collaboration is anticipated to equip businesses with better payment acceptance tools and streamline the payment process for customers, ultimately aiming to enhance transaction efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Nitin Bhandari from FAB, who leads the Payit wallet team, also expressed excitement about the partnership. He highlighted that businesses utilizing e& enterprise’s PaaS platform can now seamlessly accept payments directly from Payit wallets without the need for additional technical work or investments. With Payit simplifying cashless transactions for numerous individuals, this partnership is set to expand its reach even further.

e& enterprise remains dedicated to offering businesses secure, dependable, and customizable payment solutions to facilitate their digital transformation. The company strives to be a trusted partner for UAE businesses, providing innovative payment tools tailored to each customer’s unique requirements to ensure a seamless payment experience.

Leveraging their expertise and proprietary PaaS platform, e& enterprise is driving increased digital payment adoption across a range of industries such as retail, fashion, tourism, hospitality, insurance, real estate, and car rentals.

On the other hand, Payit, launched in 2018, serves as the UAE’s first fully-featured digital wallet. It supports the transition to a cashless society by offering diverse alternatives to traditional banking, including international money transfers, peer-to-peer payments, merchant payments, bill payments, and local bank transfers.