TCL just launched a 5G dongle at MWC, and I’ll buy one immediately

The Honor Magic 6 Pro, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and Samsung Galaxy Ring are some of the best highlights of this MWC 2024. They’re high-end gadgets that are going to be available this year. Both smartphones actually go on sale in the coming days. It’s the new Samsung wearable that doesn’t have a release date.

But I found a different device at MWC that I’m ready to buy immediately, one that I didn’t necessarily expect. I went to a TCL briefing before MWC opened with NXTPAPER devices in mind. They’re the smartphones and tablets that TCL already announced, and which will be available in stores soon. 

I ended up also finding the TCL Linkkey IK511 pictured above, and it’s one of the world’s first 5G RedCap USB-C dongles. I’d buy one in a heartbeat, just to ensure I have a backup connection on hand. One that doesn’t involve sharing my phone’s internet connection, especially when I travel to places that might include roaming fees.

MWC is actually the best example of that. I’ve been going to the show for years, and my worries have remained unchanged. I need a dependable Wi-Fi or 4G/5G connection and enough battery life in my devices to get me through each day.

Things have significantly improved in the last few years. Wi-Fi networks are faster and more stable, so I hardly worry about tethering my phones. On top of that, 5G coverage has improved, though I have to say I’m happy with a 4G link that I can share with my laptop when Wi-Fi isn’t available. VPNs are also faster and more reliable.